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Benefit Form

FAQ - NurseChoice Tuberculosis Skin Test Form

What is the purpose of NurseChoice Tuberculosis Skin Test Form?
This form is a screening test form. It does not give a diagnosis. It is used to detect the presence of TB and to help you determine whether, and where, to receive a medical evaluation. Screening test results If you receive more questions in regard to the specific form/tests listed above, please contact your state Tuberculosis Program. Who should use this form? This form may be used by any person with potential TB infection, as well as those without diagnosed tuberculosis infection, to prevent infection. It is suitable for use by persons with the following medical, nursing or related professions: Healthcare providers who treat persons with TB diseases or their family members. Facilities, agencies and organizations which provide tuberculosis preventive care, such as tuberculosis-prevention clinics, hospitals and health care facilities. The public, such as individuals who go camping, play sports and/or attend movies at public facilities, as well as visitors to these facilities. If you have questions about the applicability of this form, please email the State Tuberculosis Program, ( If you are not a patient, but just want to know if you have tuberculosis, you can contact your local county health department, or the Texas state department of public health for that state. How do I order the NurseChoice Tuberculosis Skin Test Form? Download the Patient's Information Form (form only) (PDF, 3.0 MB), then complete the information on the back of the form. For best results, keep a copy of the form for your records. If you would like copies of other forms that may be helpful in your decision to obtain a personalized tuberculosis skin test, please contact the State Tuberculosis Program. Ordering your form from the Texas Department of Public Health Email or telephone the Texas Tuberculosis Program at (or toll-free) to order your form.
Who should complete NurseChoice Tuberculosis Skin Test Form?
The NurseChoice TB Skin test is recommended for patients who are not in complete physical control of their infection, patients with active infection who are at increased risk for death, patients with long-standing TB disease or patients who have a history of TB infection (long-acting) and recent antibiotic treatment. (For patients at risk of death, see additional information.) What are the risks to patients and healthcare workers taking the test? The nurse practitioner, nurse practitioner assistant or medical assistant should be familiar with and capable of treating patients with tuberculosis who require treatment. The nurse practitioner, nurse practitioner assistant or medical assistant will be responsible for determining the appropriate patient-specific treatment, however if the TB skin test has been performed on a patient previously under a specific medical treatment program then this patient should be re-evaluated for the continued need for treatment. This evaluation is at the discretion of the individual healthcare professional. If the testing result indicates TB disease there is a risk of a blood borne pathogen called Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection occurring in the skin of the body. This infection is associated with a higher risk for death as compared to non-TB skin tests. The healthcare professional administering the test for either clinical or research purposes must be aware of this potential, must know that the patient, if not treated, has a higher risk for death, and must be aware of the potential for a blood borne pathogen called Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. How many patients should receive the NurseChoice TB Skin Test? One nurse practitioner, at a minimum, should be available for each patient who needs an elevated TB screening test. The nurse practitioner patient-specific treatment plan, as well as the specific patient-specific drug regimen, must be written and agreed upon in advance. Once the testing has confirmed that the patient is infected with infection-causing Mycobacterium tuberculosis the nurse practitioner can determine recommended treatment. If the patient is not at high risk for death, he or she can be taken off antibiotic therapy and placed on an effective anti-TB drug regimen. Should any nurse practitioner, nurse practitioner assistant or medical assistant administer the patient-specific drug regimen? No. The nurse practitioner should take all measures necessary to ensure the integrity of the testing process. The nurse practitioner should ensure that adequate patient assistance is also provided.
When do I need to complete NurseChoice Tuberculosis Skin Test Form?
If you have been diagnosed as having TB, see your health care provider within 7 days of your first symptoms. If you are being tested for TB, the skin test is a very quick and easy test that should be finished within two weeks. If you are being tested for TB, you'll need a T-shirt, a box of gloves, and a stool sample. How soon can I see my health care provider after my tuberculosis skin test? If the tuberculosis skin test is positive, you will need to see your health care provider within 7 days. If the tuberculosis skin test is negative, you may need to see someone on the same team (or in another team if your health care provider has different teams). Do I need to continue on this regimen of treatment? Yes. As long as you keep your TB symptoms under control, you must continue to follow your medical treatment regimen. Is there a medication for TB, or is this an autoimmune disease? Yes. The medication is called vitamin, but it's also used for other purposes. The goal of this medication is to destroy a specific type of Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria. It is most effective when used on an as-needed basis once a day for 30 days. It is also used for other infections, like tuberculosis, leprosy, malaria, and herpes. Are there benefits to using medicines instead of taking regular prescribed medications? Yes. As soon as you start receiving the medicine, you may experience the benefits of being treated with the medicine, but you will NOT gain the benefits of regular medication. In fact, once you start taking the medicine, you'll not be able to go back to taking regular medications. This way, you can treat TB as your disease, but keep your medical treatment as if you were not being treated at all. Once you get a diagnosis, other doctors and nurses may offer to treat you with another medicine if you have symptoms that do not improve with your drug regimen. What are the risks? The most common side effects of vitamin are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle aches, and muscle pain. Vitamin can interfere with your kidney function, and can cause your heart to slow down. The doctor can prescribe a different medication for you if needed. Vitamin can cause a life-threatening lung infection called toxic mega colon.
Can I create my own NurseChoice Tuberculosis Skin Test Form?
Yes you can! There are several templates that you can use to personalize your test form. You can download a template directly here. Once you have downloaded the template, you can print it out as you see fit, or, if it is your first visit to our office, you can print the form out after you have arrived. What is your fee for a Nurse Choice Tuberculosis Skin Test? There is no charge for testing. The Nurse Choice Tuberculosis Skin Test is a non-refundable fee and is billed separately from the regular price of your lab tests. You are free to change any of the answers to the questions you are asked, so we encourage you to fill out the form as fully as possible. Remember that in order to be approved for a Nurse Choice Tuberculosis Skin Test, we must have a diagnosis of Tuberculosis and either an active TB disease, or evidence of one or more TB infection, signs, symptoms, or complications. We are not accepting cases with only some positive tests. We will look at your documentation to determine if a TB infection is present. If it is present, we will look at your symptoms to determine if there may be active TB disease. If symptoms or signs are present and not inactivated, then we will ask you to come back at the following appointment on Monday to pick up your TB Skin Test results. This is done in order for us to have a better understanding of your case and to get to know you. How do I have the results sent for submission to CDC and to other institutions? When you are scheduled for Your Skin Test, you will be given a number that you will need to input on your appointment form that will have to be written on your skin. Be sure to have your phone with you at all times. A copy of the official CDC Skin Test results page will be sent to you within 1-3 business days via e-mail. Where is a place that I can get my Results that will be sent to you? We have two options for your results. The Patient Portal has both a printable PDF and a more professional print-ready version. We prefer the printable version. The Patient Portal costs a low one time fee. You are able to access the Patient Portal by logging into the Patient Portal with your nurse-portal username and password. Or, you may choose the Online Submission of Results. Click Here to see a sample page to view.
What should I do with NurseChoice Tuberculosis Skin Test Form when it’s complete?
Return to the patient's home or to the clinic where the physician performed this test. If this is an outpatient visit, you can bring your kit to the office to have it sent back to you (see FAQs below). If you have a test-at-home kit, this will not be available after your test has been completed (see FAQs below). If this is an inpatient visit to a hospital, be sure to request a copy of your test results. How long does Skin Test Tuberculosis take to complete? Skin Tubes are non-invasive. In most cases, this procedure can take no more than a few minutes to complete. You may feel the tingle for a few moments after your test is completed. Skin Tubes can also be completed in a special laboratory, but this procedure cannot be performed at home. To complete any of our Skin Tubes, you can call our medical laboratory) for more information. Are all patients required to be treated before a Skin Test is completed? In most cases, patients who are not eligible for Tues have a diagnosis of TB that meets the criteria for the TB (TB Treatment Option List) classification. Patients who choose to be treated for TB will have to complete Skin Tubes in order to be classified as having a treatment option available at a later date (or possibly a future time when a case diagnosis may be more appropriate for your symptoms). Do patients who receive treatment for TB also have to attend Skin Tubes? No. Patients who are required to have the Skin Test but who have not yet been treated will still be able to complete the Skin Test or bring a completed Skin Tubes kit to the facility where the skin test was performed (usually your own physician's office). What are the benefits of the Skin Test Tuberculosis Skin Test? The Skin Test is a non-invasive procedure that can be used to determine if a patient has a contagious form of TB infection (TB skin test is not used for HIV- or other immune-suppressive infections). This test can give you additional information about the type of latent TB infection (TB) present. The Skin Test can give insight into other illnesses you may have that may result in inflammation or skin lesions.
How do I get my NurseChoice Tuberculosis Skin Test Form?
You can take the Tuberculosis Skin Test Form to any Health Canada authorized testing facility and ask for your Tuberculosis Skin Test. In order for them to send you your Tuberculosis Skin Test Form, you must: Submit your completed Tuberculosis Skin Test Form with a valid photo-ID proving you are a Canadian citizen; Show the Health Canada nurse that you are over 18 years of age; and Provide a signed consent form.
What documents do I need to attach to my NurseChoice Tuberculosis Skin Test Form?
Complete the form, and attach all needed medical documents, including a physician's recommendation and proof of insurance.
What are the different types of NurseChoice Tuberculosis Skin Test Form?
What is Skin Test Used for? Who should not be tested? Can Skin Test be used for Screening if the person did not experience symptoms after a cough or cold? How effective is NurseChoice Skin test in detecting tuberculosis (TB)? What treatments are possible with this test? What is the relationship of skin test to the TB skin test for detecting tubercular (TB) infection? What are the different types of NurseChoice Tuberculosis Skin Test Form? Skin Test Form used to test for tuberculosis (TB) is made of test material that is diluted with a carrier. Each of the three test carriers provide a different result on the test. The sample is tested for bacteria, viruses and a chemical (diphenylmethylphosphonate). Tuberculosis Skin Test for Skin sample that is to be used for testing What is the difference between different types of tests and Carrier used in the Skin Tester? There are different strains of bacteria, different strains of viruses, different types of chemicals used in test and each carrier has its own test. Therefore, there is no standard carrier. When using Skin Test for Skin sample that is to be used for TB test it is important not to choose the wrong carrier for you if you are a person who is positive or was previously positive. How effective is NurseChoice Skin Test in detecting TB in a patient who is negative? If someone is negative of TB then even if they test positive for a different strain of bacteria or a different type of flu virus, they are considered to have TB infection and all tests performed are to be considered positive in this case. Can skin test be used for Screening of TB Infection if the patient did not experience symptoms after a cough or cold? Yes, by doing this test you can detect TB infection that is present in healthy patient. If someone with chronic TB infection, is given drugs to treat the TB, is positive you can be sure that the drug is effective and the patient must be treated and follow up with the appropriate specialists. Can a patient who tests positive for TB and also receives the drug Treatment should be treated right away? The only reason why a patient with confirmed TB treatment should not be treated immediately is if they are already treated for TB. The reason is that the T.
How many people fill out NurseChoice Tuberculosis Skin Test Form each year?
We are currently reviewing the application fee for our annual Patient-Focused Tuberculosis Skin Test, and if a decision to offer this service is made at that time, fee for the test will be 50.00. As a reminder, this will be a fee-based service. Please note that at this time we are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and the purpose of our service and fee is not directly to benefit charity or patients. However, our purpose is to provide the public with information on possible diagnoses of TB and to facilitate an informed discussion of the options for treatment, referral options, and prevention strategies. Can I donate directly to help with my application, the fee is 50.00 I am a health care provider. I want to donate. Will you accept my donations? Yes, we would be happy to accept your donation to our effort to provide patients and clinicians information about the diagnosis and management of TB and to provide a means for patients to identify and address the underlying conditions which put them at risk of developing TB. While we appreciate the support that you make possible to us, you can check donations to our effort here. Is there a maximum number of patients allowed to be screened at a time? Do you recommend that patients be tested each month? Due to a decrease in TB transmission from infected cases who have completed treatment, the minimum effective number of patients that can be screened by the Nurse Choice system was reduced to 10,000 patient contacts for 2018. While patient referrals to the network of TB treatment programs is still encouraged, we are currently accepting patient referrals only in calendar months, not for a continuous period of time. If you have concerns about your compliance or compliance with this policy, please do not hesitate to call the program that you are referring patients to arrange for your patients to be screened. You can call the National TB Call Center, at. Will the system record and report the outcome of my testing? YES. The NurseChoice system will record and report any negative result from your examination, regardless of whether you had been previously screened. I am an approved provider for other health care products or services. Will I need to provide my patient consent form for the use of my product for a Nurse Choice Program? Yes.
Is there a due date for NurseChoice Tuberculosis Skin Test Form?
NurseChoice offers these tests as a benefit only to customers whose health insurance covers them. We also offer the Skin Test Fee Waiver to patients without insurance. However, if you do have insurance, you may pay the fee waiver or have your service reimbursed as an out-of-network charge.
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