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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Tb skin test form cdc

Instructions and Help about Tb skin test form cdc

An estimated two billion people or one third of the world's population are infected with the bacteria that caused tuberculosis one reason so many people are infected with TB is that it's spread through the air from one person to another when someone with TB disease of the lungs or throat coughs or sneezes the bacteria are expelled into the air if people nearby breathe in these bacteria they can become infected and usually the infection remains latent in latent TB infection the bacteria are made inactive by the body's immune system the bacteria can remain inactive for many years perhaps for life most people who become infected with TB don't get active TB disease however an infected person remains at risk of developing active TB disease at any time the bacteria can become active and multiply especially if the immune system becomes impaired the bad news is approximately 2 million people in the world die each year from active TB disease the good news is people who have latent TB infection can get treatment that will prevent the development of active TB disease as a health care worker you play an important role in controlling TB your knowledge and skills are valuable in accurately identifying people who have TB infection in this video you'll learn how to test for TB infection by administering and reading the man to tuberculin skin test the man to tuberculin skin test should always be placed and read by a designated trained health care worker you in the United States the man to tuberculous skin test has been the standard method for detecting latent TB infection since the 1930s the skin test is used to evaluate people for latent TB infection it's primarily used in two situations first it's used in contact investigations to test close contacts of people who have active TB disease second it's used as part of targeted testing activities in various groups of people who are at high risk for TB such as healthcare workers who serve high-risk clients residents and employees of correctional facilities and foreign-born people from areas that have a high TB incidence the priorities for targeted testing of high-risk populations should be based on local epidemiologic data once you've decided who should be tested then you can begin the man to tuberculin skin test procedure the two main parts include administering and reading the skin test you this part of the procedure includes preparation steps injection steps and final steps the preparation steps include collecting supplies providing patient education washing your hands locating and cleaning the injection site and preparing the syringe when preparing to administer the man to tuberculous skin test make sure that the area for administering the test has a firm well lit surface and that equipment and supplies are ready supplies should include a vial of tuberculous a single dose disposable tuberculin syringe a ruler with millimetre measurements 2x2 gauze pads or cotton balls alcohol swabs a puncture resistant sharps disposal.

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